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Dance, Art & Cooking Classes
Available to Elementary thru High School Students

Ballet class

Leaps N’ Bounds Dance has provided educational services to diverse audiences throughout Los Angeles and surrounding communities.  Our innovative programming in the areas of theatre, cooking and art are taught by established local artists who share a new approach to creative expression in each medium.

Our arts education program consists of weekly, hour-long classes over 6 weeks, focusing on theatre, cooking or dance.

You have the option to invite Leaps N’ Bounds Dance Academic Enrichment Program to your elementary, middle school, recreation center or church for a 6 week on-site programs.  You may also choose to invite Leaps N’ Bounds Dance to teach a group of students for a special event.  Contact us to schedule a session.

Students Acting/Dancing in a Student-Authored Play

Students will have an opportunity to learn various dance styles.  The class will be based on the fundamentals of dance, while touching on various styles according to each class personality.  By the end of the series students will explore the key steps in the dance techniques including balance, strength, flexibility, timing and placement.

Art Gallary: student masks & piƱatas

Students will have an opportunity to create intricate art using various materials.  Teachers will present an original work of art, explaining the intention of the piece and a bit of history.  Students will apply their own concept based on the original ideas to create an original piece in the particular style of art.  All supplies and materials will be provided.

Students chop ingredients for potstickers

Students will have an opportunity to create and taste delicious vegetarian-style cooking from scratch.  Teachers will present students with a recipe, a bit of cultural background and nutritional information before preparing the dish.  Students will learn the process of cooking, from kitchen etiquette to savoring new cuisines.

All supplies and materials will be provided.
***Please notify us of any food allergies upon registration***

A Collection of Student Artwork

Select Past Programs

-Theatre Series
Improv Study & Showcase
Play Writing & Show Production
Emotions in Motion
Writing Creatively
Self Discovery with Theatre
Dance Expressions
Dance Technique

-Art Series
Creativity with Wind & Sound
Art Discovery is Self Discovery
World travel with Art

-Cooking Series
Veggies are Delicious
International Discovery
No Bake Cooking

-Trio Series – Theatre, Cooking & Art
Native American Trio Class Series
African Trio Class Series
Echo your Senses
– Create Your Own Series!!

Students Prepare Vegetarian Pot Stickers

Class Price List
Dance Class Series – $60 for 6 weeks

Art or Cooking Class Series – $70 for 6 weeks

Trio Class Series – $80 for 6 weeks

Students writing a play

Past & Current Teaching Locations:

Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
Eagle Rock Dance Studio
Magnolia Dance Space
Annandale Elementary School
Toland Way Elementary School
Saint Dominic’s Private School
Independent Groups

Students designing aquariums

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Serving Los Angeles and surrounding communities   :   Phone: (626) 376-8874   :   Email: benavidez.sara@yahoo.com